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2010-11-23 06:28 pm
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TV Ponderings

Since I came back from a 3.5 week holiday in the land of J, I've had a lot of telly to catch up on, and mainlining shows has reminded what I both love and hate about them.

Castle )
The Mentalist )
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation )
CSI: New York )
Merlin )

There are others, but for now, that'll do. I'm just finally up to date with them all :)
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2010-06-12 10:14 am
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Life Stuff

Since I am utterly hopeless at posting, figured I should dit down and do a summary of what I've been doing/watching lately:

Life stuff. )

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation )
Moonlight )
Pushing Daisies )
New Amsterdam )
Going Postal )