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Yay! Welcome to my little letter! I hope you're as excited by this as I am! And I hope I don't scare you off with my babble :)

Here's a little more detail for you, in case you would like some more specific things.

Behind the cut to protect the innocent. )


Dec. 21st, 2011 08:54 pm
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I've surprised myself with my productivity for Yuletide this year, given that I have been feeling completely sucked dry of inspiration. I don't think I'll get more done before deadline, what with work and packing and everything, but I think four is a nice round number, with four fandoms in the mix, and a word count of 22,420.

Very excited to see what's been written for me now :)
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So, you got stuck with my requests, eh? Well, hopefully it won't be too terrible for you and you might even enjoy it a little. That's the main thing I ask: have some fun :)

Now, to the specifics: Elisabeth, Downton Abbey and Some Like It Hot )
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So it is the day of the Yuletide reveal, and I can finally name the fics I am to blame for in Yuletide 2010.

My actual recipient was my partner-in-crime Beth Winter, which is only problematical when you think of the fact that she test-reads everything I write and we chat about plans and plot developments and what we're working on. I was horribly worried I would let slip something about being her Santa. But I didn't. Technically. Except in fic ;)

My eleven fics in 4 fandoms. )
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Firstly, thank you for choosing my little fandoms :) I have my basic two fandoms I use every year, but I also try and use two new ones was well, just for some variety. And generally, all the details of what I would like are in my requests, so you don't need to worry about that.

Just to be on the safe side, though: I don't like incest/necrophialia/chan etc. But given the fandoms, this isn't really necessary. Dubious consent is not something I would like to see either. But that aside, almost anything goes. I'll take any rating from G to X, and I'm both intrigued and excited to see what I will receive come the day :)

Specifics for Elisabeth, the Alexandriad, Discworld and Coldfire Trilogy )

I hope this gives you enough to work with. If you need or want to ask anything through an intermediary, please drop Beth Winter a line.


Nov. 15th, 2010 05:24 pm
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Argle. I haven't even begun to think about this year's Yuletide. I've been too distracted by planning holiday until late October, then having holiday until today. And now, I have 4 days to poke my jetlagged brain into some kind of coherent mush to make for sensible thoughts.

Anyone already put in their requests? Any suggestions? (I'm contemplating requesting Discworld, possibly, but that aside, I am dry like a dry thing)


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