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So it is the day of the Yuletide reveal, and I can finally name the fics I am to blame for in Yuletide 2010.

My actual recipient was my partner-in-crime Beth Winter, which is only problematical when you think of the fact that she test-reads everything I write and we chat about plans and plot developments and what we're working on. I was horribly worried I would let slip something about being her Santa. But I didn't. Technically. Except in fic ;)

I'm going to put them in the order of writing, even if putting them by fandom would be more sensible.

1. Raindrops - Rose of Versailles - for Beth Winter

Word count - 1042
Summary - Sometimes, comfort can come from the most unlikely of places.

Notes: This was to be my back-up fic, after I was given Beth for the first time as my recipient. Mostly so she didn't suspect that the bigger one which I had planned for later was also from me ;) Plus, it doesn't hurt that Oscar and Alain parallel two of our RP characters very nicely.

2. Gazing into the Abyss - Elisabeth - for Beth Winter again

Word count - 4203
Summary - And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you - Friedrich Nietzsche.

There was a superstition in the line of the Wittelsbachs, though it went unspoken from generation to generation. One only learned of it when one had experienced it, and even then, it was greeted with muted nods and knowing looks. No one raised the question of why they could see, or what it may mean. The only warning ever given was that if perchance you saw, be sure never to look again.

Notes: I allow myself a Muahahahahaha! over this one ;) #1 was absolutely chockful of titbits which probably gave me away to my dear recipient. This one, however, was the one I worked most and she. never. suspected. :D :D (Also, I totally lied and wrote a fic for another fandom at the same time, which she test-read for me as usual, to throw her off the scent ;D See, m'dear! I can be terribly sneaky ;)) I'm also very proud of it for the historical stuff that's in there. Whether the Duke of Reichstadt was the father of Maximilian of Mexico is up to you :) (P.S. Beth - smells of frost and sunlight. I gave you a blatant clue :D)

3. Bed of Roses - The Scarlet Pimpernel - Wildhorn/Knighton - for Aitoheiwa

Word count - 2906
Summary - After a bad beginning to their marriage, Sir Percy and Marguerite are still troubled by the ill matters that haunted the first year.

Notes: This is diversion fic, basically written so I could show [profile] bwinter what I was working on, while secretly working on her fic :) Plus, it was my first venture into straight Pimpernel fic. I'd crossed it with Rose of Versailles before, but this was a bit nerve-wracking since the last time I ficced Pimpernel, I was a lovestruck 16 year-old with a crush on Martin Shaw in the TV Series and was Mary-Sueing myself with Chauvelin ;)

4. Fair Boadicea - The Scarlet Pimpernel - Wildhorn/Knighton - for Muffin Song

Word count - 4534
Summary - Madame la Guillotine has granted the Scarlet Pimpernel her bloody kiss. Lady Blakeney, once Marguerite St. Just, is left to the mercies of Madame la Guillotine's most ardent lover, Citoyen Chauvelin.

Notes: Once I started on Pimpernel, I couldn't stop :D Plus, poking at the silliness of the ending of the musical appealed to me (personally, I find Madame Tussaud's appearance contrived and it reduces the intelligence of Percy, who can get himself out of any trap. Give me the 1980s movie ending any day), especially if Percy's supposedly cunning plan failed.

5. The Dress Makes the Man - The Scarlet Pimpernel - Baroness Orczy - for Nora Charles

Word count - 5622
Summary - Sir Percival Blakeney, Bart. is a heroic rogue, a rapscallion, a doer of daring deeds, and an eternal gambler. Usually, he only gambles with his life, but given a challenge he cannot refuse, he may well gamble his dignity.

Notes: Um. This one has me a wee bitty flustered. I did not expect the rapturous responses I have received, and to be honest, I would be lying if I said I didn't go back and re-read the reviews over and over and get a little thrill every time. Plus, it doesn't hurt that I love the chance to write crossdressing and I even occasionally like writing couples being schmoopy and happy together :)

6. Once Bitten - Castle - for Debirlfan

Word count - 9981
Summary - Richard Castle likes to believe that there are monsters and aliens out there, waiting to cause chaos. Trouble is that this time, he's right.

Notes: Every Yuletide I write in at least one fandom that I've never written before. This year, my love of Castle sort of... overcame me a wee bit. I was so afraid when I started writing it, because the characters are so distinct, and next thing I knew, I had no clue where they were taking me, and I had written nearly 10,000 words. I'm actually really pleased with it, because it is something so new to me. It's been a long time since I wrote something in such a new and rapidly-growing fandom. Plus, I love my supernatural beastie. He looks like this and really is demanding to be written into something original.

7-9. Triangle, Obtuse & Acute - Castle - for HopefulNebula

Word count - 1991, 1010 & 1041
Summary - Ahaha. Technically, these three are interlinked, so let's just say it's all just family-centric snapshots.

Notes: Triangle was meant to be a standalone piece, from Martha POV about her family, as she was somewhat neglected in Once Bitten. Then Rick decided he wanted to wax lyrical about his mother, which resulted in Obtuse, and since Alexis loves her dad, she wanted a scene with him. So yes. Singlehandedly, I produced a large chunk of this year's Castle fic.

10. Waking Dream - Elisabeth - for OpheliaRising

Word count - 1401
Summary - Everyone has addictions. Some are more unusual than others.

Notes: I didn't expect to write this, but was trawling through Yuletide Santa letters, and was presented with the image of Crown Prince Rudolf before a mirror in a darkened room, and things just kind of... unfolded rather intimately. One of the things I love about Elisabeth is the messed-up nature of the relationship with Death, and I hoped to encapsulate that with this story :) Rudolf made it easy what with his whoring, syphillis and drugs...

11. Ripples on the Lethe - Elisabeth for Milady

Word count - 1036
Summary - In 1853, an assassin's blade brings the Emperor of Austria a little closer to Death.

Notes: Franz Josef really is one of the most underrated characters in the Elisabeth fic community, which I think is quite sad as he really was an interesting figure. Plus, he was a Wittelsbach crossed with a Habsburg, which means the predisposition to familial madness was somewhere in there. He came close to death so many times that it made the opportunity for an encounter far too neat.

And after this, I was heading home, so I stopped writing :) I think 11 will do altogether with a total word count of 34,767. This is why being snowed in can be, very occasionally, a good thing ;)

Date: 2011-01-01 09:54 pm (UTC)
htbthomas: (Yuletide)
From: [personal profile] htbthomas
Oh, how I loved Once Bitten! Great job. ♥

Date: 2011-01-02 03:30 am (UTC)
debirlfan: (castle)
From: [personal profile] debirlfan
Wanted to thank you again for "Once Bitten" - a lovely piece of writing, and with such very accurate voices. I hope you keep writing in the fandom. Perhaps some day we'll learn whether there are MORE vampires running around NY. (Hint, hint!) :)


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