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Firstly, thank you for choosing my little fandoms :) I have my basic two fandoms I use every year, but I also try and use two new ones was well, just for some variety. And generally, all the details of what I would like are in my requests, so you don't need to worry about that.

Just to be on the safe side, though: I don't like incest/necrophialia/chan etc. But given the fandoms, this isn't really necessary. Dubious consent is not something I would like to see either. But that aside, almost anything goes. I'll take any rating from G to X, and I'm both intrigued and excited to see what I will receive come the day :)

Elisabeth - I asked for this last year and was so pleased by the responses I got that I would like to see more of Death encountering people in/around Sisi's life. Maybe the characters have a touch of the psychic or even the Wittelsbach madness. Or perhaps he's claiming their life. Anything goes.

I welcome any version of Death as well. I've seen at least 20 through DVDs, videos and live (2 new ones in the last month, though I think asking for Shirota Yuu's interpretation from the Toho production might be a little bit overly optimistic ;)) I also am a history nerd. If you can slip in historical factoids, I might swoon a little.

The Alexander Trilogy by Mary Renault - I love Alexander and Bagoas together. I love their private, intimate moments, and I would very much like to see more. And as mentioned in the request, if you manage to fit tickling into the equation, I would be terribly gleeful.

Kinks and play are welcome at any rating, and I'm quite happy to see them just snuggling or going at it like rabbits, just as long as they are happy.

Discworld - yes, I cheated a little, but what can you do? ;)

Vimes-wise, I love him. I love him with Sybill, with little Sam, with his men. Give me anything with him - missing scenes, random moments, general Vimes-ness, and I'll be happy. I only request no nookie/slash: 1. because I don't ever need or want to know about Sam's taste in egg-and-chips and 2. because Sam belongs with Sybill, not any bloke, even if he is Vetinari.

Spike/Moist - or Moist/Spike if you will ;) Adora Belle would be a lovely, lovely dominatrix. As if she isn't enough of one already in many ways. And I would love to see Moist submitting to her in every way possible. You know he would. She looks at him, and he folds like paper ;) It can be as simple as her giving the orders, or their can be a side of bondage and play as well. I'm flexible. Is Moist? ;)

Coldfire - I love Coldfire. I love Damien especially. You can keep your semi-undead evil sorcerer. I'll take my big, burly priest any day :) But I do like their banter, so he is permitted ;)

This is the one story I want to be very specific about - gen. Pure gen. And no slash at all please. I'm very much not a Gerald/Damien fan. As friends, I adore them, but no slash please.

And since I submitted my signup, I'm more and more enamoured of the Highwaymen AU I mentioned. I'm sure pirates has been done, so Gerald as a dashing Highwayman and Damien as the lawman hunting him down would be brilliant :) Mm. The boys in period costume. Yum. And if they ended up being forced to work together, all the better ;)

I hope this gives you enough to work with. If you need or want to ask anything through an intermediary, please drop Beth Winter a line.


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