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Yay! Welcome to my little letter! I hope you're as excited by this as I am! And I hope I don't scare you off with my babble :)

Here's a little more detail for you, in case you would like some more specific things.

Request 1: Monkey Island

Anything goes, really. Anything. I especially love Guybrush as the big innocent wannabe pirate from the first game. G-rated preferred, in keeping with the games, because really, sentimentality :)

Even if you just give me a random series of Guybrush/Elaine scenes or Guybrush versus LeChuck scenes, I could not be happier. I love these games. I love the humour. I love the silliness. Keep it as silly as the games and I will be infinitely happy.

Request 2: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Henry. Henry Henry Henry. Give me Henry. As vampire. As mortal. What did he do after Abe's death? What did he do before? And let's stick with movie-canon here, because I have no idea about the books and really don't want to. I would love to see lots of Henry stuff. And I like vampires, so bonus points if he's all bitey and dangerous :)

Honestly, the minute this man showed up on screen, I was enjoying the film. I loved his whole attitude. I loved his sass. I loved the dangerous air he had. I loved his wee bitty spectacles. Just Henry. Yes. Henry. No slash, please, at least not with Abe, but HENRY.

Request 3: Van Helsing

Speaking of bitey things, I would love Gabriel and Vladislaus backstory. Slash is most definitely welcome, though not essential. Especially based off the line in the novelisation which reads "wouldn't you like to know how you got those scars on your back?". INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO.

So yesh. I may have a bit of a thing for Gabriel/Vladislaus. A messed-up, broken and damaged thing. For pete's sake, Gabriel - after killing him - crawled up the steps of the Vatican wearing nothing but Vladislaus's ring. This is a man who slaughtered hundreds of thousands of people over millennia, all the way back to fighting Romans at Masada. And yet, the death of one man was traumatising enough to rip his memories from him? And he still wore the ring, the one thing he had left of his old life, never knowing what it meant? Tell me that they weren't together at some point. I don't even want happy. I would love screwed up beyond the telling. Make it bitter. Make it angry. MAKE IT HURT. I LOVE IT.


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