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#4 A Monster in Paris

First thing I thought when I saw the trailer for this film was along the lines of Phantom of the Opera with an actual monster. I'm glad to say I was mistaken, and that this film is a little gem of an idea which I really liked.

Basic summary is a pair of friends (one wannabe mad scientist, one film buff) accidentally create the 'monster', by knocking growth-chemicals onto a flea. As well as chemicals that create a beautiful singing voice. No, really. The monster is taken in by Lucille, a singer, when he charms her with his singing. A music-based friendship is born. Meanwhile, the two chums (one of whom is smitten on Lucille) have to try and stop the monster, and wackiness ensues.

There's more to it than that, of course, but as a basic gist that covers it. It's a sweet, knockabout adventure story, with a couple of side-views to romance. But it comes down to Francouer, as the Monster is named, who is absolutely adorable in his music-loving glory.

What made this film for me was the music. It fitted with the look and the character and was really catchy. The characters, on the whole, I could give or take really. They were cute, but not hugely memorable. Except Francouer and Lucille, who really were great. The villain was a bit on the meh side unfortunately, which is depressing for a villain-fiend like me. I love a good villain and this one was rather 1-dimensional.

The last major stand-out piece was Paris itself. Set during the bursting of the Seine's banks, this meant they could have all kinds of fun with flooded streets, boats and chase scene in balloons. The aerial shots were done fantastically, and I can imagine that it would be worth seeing it in 3D just for them.

In summary, while it's not a 100% brilliant film, it has enough really good and fun moments to make it worth seeing.
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