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So, you got stuck with my requests, eh? Well, hopefully it won't be too terrible for you and you might even enjoy it a little. That's the main thing I ask: have some fun :)

Now, my fandoms:

1: Elisabeth

I love seeing what people produce about this show, and for this Yule, I would love to see more Death-focussed fic. I don't especially mind if there's shipping in there or what have you, but I want to see Death - what is he/she/it? It could be from his POV or it could be another character. It could even be crack fic from the perspective of Rudolf's many beastie-victims.

However, there is bonus squee for anyone who fits Archduchess Sophie in there. I love her, even if she was the Wicked Mother-in-Law of myth in the show. Regarding style, I love most every production, although I'm especially fond of the Toho Imperial Theatre production, which I was lucky enough to see live twice last year :)

2. Downton Abbey

I came to this late, and was so into it and yet, the end of season two was a complete let down. All loose ends were so neatly tied up. Could see every 'twist' coming and was really and truly disappointed.

Robert made me annoyed, so I would like to see him suffer. Especially if Cora and Lavinia's situations end up switched, while he's off playing with the housemaid. Who I also don't really care for. I like Lavinia for being a decent person and felt she was shafted as a character. I'd love her well and I want her giving Matthew a right good dose of mortal shame. I could go on and on about WHOO SELFISH of the characters, but really, that would be stating the obvious :)

Incidentally, on a sidenote, if the Sybil/Branson relationship could be given more realistic treatment, I would be tremendously happy :) I don't care how 'decent' Robert's meant to be. His daughter, marrying the help? I think not ;)

*coughs* Sorry. The finale treally did annoy me terribly for the upstairs shenanigans. (Don't mistake me, I loved Mr&Mrs Bates together, I loved Carson, I loved Mrs Hughes. Just, on the whole...)

3. Some Like It Hot

And now for something completely different. I love Some Like It Hot, and I especially love Daphne and Osgood. Happy post-film fluff, with a happily ever after, no matter how ridiculous, would be perfect :)

General rules for writing for me are general - I don't like incest or unnecessary gross-out stuff. I'm generally cynical, but understated romance and long-standing love makes me happy. Equally, I love angst. I used to fic like crazy because I loved making people cry with the amount of character death I included. I like character studies a lot as well, and seeing what makes people tick. But generally, I'm easily pleased :)


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